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Cuenta de resultados Twino 5 AGO 2015-----DIC 2016

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titulo Cuenta de resultados Twino 5 AGO 2015-----DIC 2016

Me acaban de enviar por correo su cuenta de resultados correspondiente a la segunda mitad de 2015 y todo 2016.
Un poco raro que publiquen su balance más de un año más tarde. ¿Y el de 2017?
En cualquier caso daban unas pérdidas de 1.7M Euros en 2015 que las atribuyen a la puesta en marcha y 360K Euros en 2016. Podría parecer que en 2017 la empresa ya entrara en ganancias....

Aquí tenéis el resumen del informe:

TWINO Standalone Financial Statement for period from 5 August 2015 to 31 December 2016 has been published and is available for your review. The reporting period represents the very beginning of platform’s operations and the first full year of performance. The core function of TWINO is peer-to-peer (P2P) investment platform’s ( operations, yet TWINO also acts as a holding company and functions as the Group’s headquarters, competence, and funding center.

Operational highlights of the reporting period:

Launch of TWINO P2P Investment Platform;
TWINO was among first consumer lending investment platforms to launch BuyBack Guarantee;
Merger of our previous parent company Finabay and TWINO;
Expansion of platforms functionality by allowing also to invest in GBP;
Russian loan addition to TWINO P2P Platform, making TWINO the first P2P lender from Europe to expanded to Russia, since then we have grown Russian loan presence on the platform significantly;
TWINO became one of the leading P2P lending marketplaces in the Continental Europe.
The key financials for the end of the period:

Net turnover was EUR 33.5m;
Strong equity level totaling EUR 6.1m at the end of reporting period with total Debt to Equity ratio of 3.3x;
Very high loan quality – 93% of loans were current, while 7% less than 30 days overdue;
A loss of EUR 1.7m (with EUR 1.4m attributable to 2015 and EUR 360k to 2016).
Due to major investments in TWINO geographical expansion, platform setup and functionality, investments in technology, new finance product development and staffing, we closed our first reporting period with losses. Further, the aim of TWINO is to continue transforming financial services by strengthening the current product portfolio and developing new premium financial products.

To give you a brief update of our loan originators performance in 2016, here is a summary of their Profit/Loss for the period*. In the meantime, we are working on the audited TWINO Group’s Consolidated Financial Statement.

After the reporting period we have taken strategic decision to increase our lending operations in higher yield markets such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland and other to ensure maximum returns for our investors. Therefore, we decided to divest our lending operations in lower yield markets (e.g. Spain), which in turn generated extra capital to our loan originators to further expand the presence in the rapidly growing markets. These decisions were made to put TWINO Group in an even stronger position in the future, which subsequently benefits our platform’s investors.

The investment platform and the whole TWINO Group is in a strong financial position. I personally believe that “FinTech” market potential is massive and TWINO is headed for a substantial growth also in the future.

We will continue looking for new ways to improve the investing experience for our investor base. You can find the full TWINO Standalone Financial Statement here:
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titulo Re: Cuenta de resultados Twino 5 AGO 2015-----DIC 2016

De 2016 y sin auditar eso no es que de mucha seguridad
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